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Eicher genset

40Kva to 125Kva

Eicher genset
40Kva to 125Kva High power genset

Escorts genset
10Kva to 45Kva High power genset

We.The Brand

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) is a 50-50 joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Limited. It is a partnership that brings together Global leadership in technology, quality, safety and environmental care, along with the deep knowledge and understanding of the Indian market.

Diesel Generating Sets

Better Design. Better Aesthetic. Better Value
Diesel Genset Range: 30kVA to 125kVA
Joint Venture brings together global partnership in technology, quality, safety & environment care along with the deep knowledge & understanding of the Indian and Global market. VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd design and manufactures EICHER brand automotive & non-automotive engines with modern technology which is already established and known for high reliability, consistent quality and high-fuel-efficiency. The Engines and Gensets are also exported to regions like Europe, Middle East, Africa & SAARC Nations.

Engine Key Benefits

Low Operating Cost :
Remarkable Fuel Economy with Unmatched Engine Protections: EICHER is the most preferred engine in terms of fuel economy & it saves fuel in the range of 10%-15% over most of the other Engines.
Very Economical Parts Prices: Low cost of maintenance
Longer Service Interval: 500 Hours or 6 Months for Lub. Oil, Oil Filter & Fuel Filter.
No Running-In Period: Even First Service Interval is 500 Hours/6 Months.

High Reliability :

Robust Engine:
Used in toughest applications like Construction Equipment, Material Handling, Marine, Agro and Pumping.
In-Built Oil Cooler: Suitable for Continuous Operation and Lower Lubricating Oil Consumption.
Piston Cooling Jet: provide cooling to piston at high temperature. Lower Break Down & higher reliability
Bypass Filter: Secondary Filtration system, provide filtration in case of chocking of primary filter.
Air filter Choke indication: Provide safety indication for chocking of Air Filter.
Starter Motor with Thermal cut off:
Cut off starter motor in case of over starting.
Extremely Low Vibration: Sculpted/Ribbed block for high rigidity which results to Lower vibration and Lower wear & tear.
Compact size: Engine Ideal for roof top installation & helps saving land space.

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